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Welcome to the free Chicago Art Fair Calendar, which offers a comprehensive list of Chicago's most popular art fairs, festivals, and craft shows. Jury members will attend arts festivals and craft shows in the Chicago area, as well as a full schedule of events in Chicago. conducts an annual survey of the most popular art fairs, festivals and craft fairs in Chicago. Find out why the Old Town art fair has been voted the number one art fair in the country for the fourth year in a row. The Park Forest Art Fair is the largest and continuously jury-staffed art fair in Illinois and is voted one of Chicago's top 10 art markets. The museum also houses a large collection of art and art history materials, as well as a variety of other exhibits and events.

The Intuit Henry Darger Room Collection includes a collection of over 1,000 paintings, drawings and color books, as well as a variety of other materials and art historical materials.

The Art Source Collection comprises over 1,000 works from a wide range of media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and printmaking. Young's prints will enable the River North site to continuously source and rotate the largest collection of art prints in the United States. We hope you will attend this beautiful art event where you will find some of the most interesting shopping in America.

The Gallery of the Association of Arts and Culture "Tall Grass" will be open and will host the annual exhibition of the Gallery of Artists. The village of Park Forest also hosts a music festival and a children's art alley on Saturday with live music, food trucks, crafts and other activities for children and adults. The annual art exhibition of the "Tall Grass" Art Association, "Tall Grass: The Art Source Collection," is also on sale at the River North Art Gallery.

As a support to the local community and a magnet for art lovers from across the Midwest, you don't want to miss this curated collection of talented artists. The locally curated art will be the focus of the River North exhibition space, which will showcase the works of local artists, as well as local and international artists from around the country and the world. This year, the 19th Geneva Art Fair will feature unique artists who present their works in a variety of styles and styles.

Tucked away in a corner of the city, this craft shop and exhibition space is an art gallery, art center and art museum for local and international art lovers.

This mural, called "Announcement" by Jason Watts, illuminates the junction north of the corner of Lincoln and Argyle. The man is the same sculptor who created the mural for the formal garden of Lincoln Park Conservatory in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is located in its formal gardens in honor of its founder, George Grant, and is one of Chicago's oldest and most famous public art installations. This is the place on Lincoln Avenue where people eat, drink and watch shows, as well as shop, shop and shop.

In 1864, the city council decided to extend Grant's tomb at the corner of Lincoln and Argyle in Lincoln Park by 0.49 km2. The monument was fully restored in 1989 by the Historic Preservation Commission of the City of Chicago and the tomb was moved. In front of the monument there is a statue of George Grant and his wife Mary Ann Grant as well as a plaque.

In the 1860s and 1950s, the park was expanded to the south and Lincoln Park ran along the Chicago River to the north. From north to south, the beach is covered with oak trees on the east and west sides of the lake and a lake park with trees and shrubs on the west side.

During the summer months, the beach and lake park is open to the public from July to October, and the park is open from August to November.

Hosted by the Lincoln Park Art Foundation and the Illinois State Museum of Art, the Old Town Art Fair is the largest annual art fair in the United States and home to nationally renowned artists. The gallery presents international art exhibitions dedicated to bridging the worlds of design, decorative and visual arts.

Founded in 1857, the Chicago Academy of Sciences was established in 1999 as one of the largest and most prestigious scientific institutions of its kind. The Chicago Museum of Natural Sciences, Lincoln Park Art Foundation offers teaching activities in partnership with the Illinois State Museum and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and other local and national organizations. It houses a well-tended garden, a museum and regular open-air performances in summer.

The Chicago Room offers free Wi-Fi and Internet access, and faculty at the Chicago Museum of Natural Sciences, Lincoln Park Art Foundation and Illinois State Museum offer free guided tours. The space is also used for special events, including concerts, art exhibitions, lectures and other educational activities. It operates a year-round art gallery, museums and educational programs throughout the season.

More About Lincoln Park

More About Lincoln Park