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One of the best ways to live in Lincoln Park in Chicago is to visit the Chicago History Museum. I # ve lived my whole life in Chicago, but I was just last weekend for the first time, a few weeks ago. Make a list of special fall days when Chicago's museums and zoos offer free admission for children (or adults) to both children and adults.

The museum's collection includes numerous historical documents and artifacts that relate to the history of the city of Chicago from its founding to its present day. In 2007, the museum announced that it had acquired the entire collection of postcards, which depicts various periods of Chicago history.

Jim Hickey asked to donate the gun to Lincoln College, and it is pictured on the museum wall in front of a portrait of President Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was a native Chicago native who became his second home and political headquarters after his ascent.

Another must-see is the Chinese American Museum of Chicago - a neighborhood attraction and a popular stop for visitors to Chicago. Other fantastic museums in Chicago include the Chicago Public Library, Illinois State Museum, and the Art Institute of Illinois.

Some of them are right in Lincoln Park, such as the new Museum of Architecture and Social Arts, the Chicago Museum of Art and the Art Institute of Illinois.

As the most important zoo in the city of Chicago, you'll find over 1200 species of animals that call Lincoln Park home. The Lion House and African Monkeys are among the most popular exhibits, but the child-friendly area is part of Lincoln Park Zoo and offers children the chance to see the animals up close. Next you have the chance to spend some time with the flowers and plants you like to look at. With over 2,000 animals and more than a million square meters of exhibition space, the unique Park Zoo has everything you would like to see.

And that does not even apply to the many restaurants, bars, shops, cafés and restaurants in the park itself. Whether you want to take your crew with you or just take a short walk through Lincoln Park, there's an awful lot to do and see no matter what day you're out and about. Visit the Skydeck and see for yourself the virtual tour or take the crew on a tour of the Park Zoo and other attractions on the Chicago Riverfront.

Lincoln Park has a lot to offer people of all ages, from art, history, architecture, art history and architecture to music, food, music and more.

If you're looking for a way to keep your kids happy in a museum, the Chicago Children's Museum won't disappoint. Sometimes the museum offers Illinois residents days off all year round, and Sometimes the show is extra. Check online before you visit or learn more about Illinois Resident Discount Days, where Illinois residents get free admission to all museums.

You can secure free general admission by reserving your tickets online and then presenting proof of residence at the museum. During Illinois Free Days, admission is free for Illinois residents who have a valid proof of residence.

You probably know that only three large zoos in the country still offer free entry. Brookfield Zoo may be bigger, but if you want to stay within the city limits, Lincoln Park Zoo is the perfect zoo option for you. During the Illinois Free Days, families making a timely reservation by dialing 312-742-2000 will be free of charge.

Originally used as a cemetery until the 1860s, Lincoln Park in Chicago actually began as Lake Park and received its current name in 1871. It also has a surprising history: In 1871, the Great Fire of Chicago swept through a significant portion of Lincoln Park, including the original site at the intersection of North and South Michigan Avenue. The park would be renamed Lincoln Park and is still one of the city's most popular parks.

Lincoln Park Zoo is now a world-class facility that currently houses over 1,100 animals, attracts 3.5 million visitors annually and is one of the state's last remaining free zoos. The building itself is a modern, modern version of a former railway station with a modern exhibition hall and exhibition space for animals and plants, as well as a large exhibition area for exhibits and exhibits for children. It is unique in that it combines modern furnishings while retaining much of its original turn-of-the-century architecture. Along with the Field Museum and the Art Institute, major Chicago institutions in 1930, the Shedd Aquarium is one of the oldest museums in our city.

The Lincoln Park neighborhood is well defined by its boundaries as Chicago's official borough. It is located on the north side of the city, starting at Ohio Street in the south and facing Lake Michigan, from east to west, from north to south and from west to east. It is about 1,200 hectares in size, making it the second largest park in Chicago and the third largest in the state of Illinois. The most visited park on Chicago's north side, Lincoln's Park, stretches for 7 miles from Chicago Riverfront Park to Lake Shore Drive and Lakeview Avenue.

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