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Lincoln Park offers a diverse mix of dining experiences, from the James Beard Award-winning Alinea to the first salad and entertain restaurant. Lincoln Park Restaurants offer guests a welcoming environment in winter. From established restaurants like the popular L.A. Grill to new eateries like L'Elegance, you'll find a variety of restaurants in the heart of Chicago.

The quay, where you will experience a fusion of Dutch and Indonesian cuisine, and the J9 Wine Bar, which offers global wines and classic cocktails for light bites in a stylish setting, offer many options for anyone who wants to spend an evening. In the cosy dining room of the Geja Cafe you can enjoy the famous cheese and chocolate fondue or dine in the popular restaurant on 13 floors. Whether you're looking for a quiet evening in Lincoln Park, unhindered by a huge lake view, or want to look out over the trees rather than the building, it's a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago. If there's a place in one of the city's most popular shopping and dining districts, you can afford it yourself with the beautiful view of Lake Michigan.

Learn about the history of Lincoln Park Gangster Tour, from its origins to its current status as one of Chicago's most popular tourist attractions.

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Stop by to sample a daily menu of food and tiki drinks and recline in colorful Adirondack chairs. The River Shannon in Lincoln Park is open all night, while Chicago's Northerners can enjoy live music, live entertainment, food, drinks and good beer all day long in their favorite neighborhood pubs. AliveOne is one of Chicago's oldest and most popular craft beer and wine bars and opens Saturday nights after an expanded program.

The Green Mill is an excellent live music alternative, because when the clock strikes at 2 o'clock, jazz musicians will play all night and you will drink until the early hours of the morning. Bourbon On Division is one of Lincoln Park's most popular bars to spend the night with live entertainment, food and drinks throughout the day.

Along with good food, Lincoln Park is one of the hottest places to spend a night in the city. No night - out of the park would be complete without a visit to Chicago's most popular restaurants and drink stalls. Lincoln Park is a great place to forget everything that makes Chicago a great place to live, work, play, shop, eat, drink and more.

Locals and visitors alike recognize Lincoln Park as one of the city's most popular destinations for its great food and drink options. This restaurant is a great stopover at any time of the day or night, especially in the summer months. At this old-school bar in Chicago, you have to offer a shot of malt in combination with old-style beer. The always cool option, named after a Lincoln bodyguard, remains a Chicago summer, not to mention truffle fries and hidden puppies.

For those who prefer a quieter night back, yet friendly to their wallets, this place, the Rose Lounge, is a far cry from the chaos that surrounds the main bar on Lincoln Park campus. South Loop Rock Club is located on the deck of Trainwreck's Rooftop Deck, offering great food and drink options and great views of the Chicago skyline.

Without putting too much effort into it, there's everything you need for a delicious afternoon in the sun, including food and drinks like the "Eating President" - a craft cocktail named after the US president.

Wicker Park has expanded its rooftop game with this fun rooftop space overlooking the Kennedy Expressway. From dining at the no-foot bar with burgers and grilled cheese to a cheaper rooftop trip, this neighborhood - a hidden gem - offers a great alternative to the more expensive, upscale restaurants in the area. The Joy District is the perfect place for a picnic under the green ivy that stands in front of the brick walls, with colorful murals and twinkling lights that complete the Insta - a worthwhile experience. This is one of the best places on Chicago's rooftops with its beautiful views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago River, as well as a colorful mural and light show to complete the unforgettable experience. The Joy District, a beautiful place with leaves and ivy behind the brick wall, while colorful mottos and fairy lights round out your InstA-worthy experience!

West of the river, the 4 am bar options are somewhat limited, but this neighborhood bar has some solid standbys. This popular bar in Lincoln Park hosts some of Chicago's most popular bars and restaurants, such as the Bluebird, Biltmore, to name a few, with a variety of specialties served every night and week. The locals are known for their relaxed bar, which also serves as an intimate place for live music. The bar is full of characters you would never meet in daylight and serves a wide selection of beers, wines, spirits, cocktails, food and more.

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More About Lincoln Park