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CHICAGO - WLS - The basketball coach and athletic director of Illinois State University are outraged after the school's principal and deputy principal were ousted for misconduct related to the basketball team. CHICACO, Ill. - The head coach of the University of Illinois basketball team at Lincoln Park is demanding that two administrative officials be reinstated after they were removed from their posts over "misconduct allegations."

Park is baffled by an email that said Friday that the interim principal and principal have been removed from their posts, the school said.

The letter also announced that the boys' basketball coach and dean were reappointed and the rest of the boys' basketball season suspended. Players on the basketball team said they were promised a shortened season, a move that threatened the recruitment of college teachers for higher grades.

After the Huskies, check out Bulls on Tap for a look back at the final weeks of Lincoln Park sports news and get ready for this weekend's games.

If you have recently suffered a sports injury, please contact your physiotherapy office for an assessment. A licensed physician will begin a chiropractic session with you to discuss any problem areas you may experience. After the procedure, your chiropractor at Lincoln Park will draw up a treatment plan that may include massage, acupuncture, massage therapy and / or a comprehensive movement massage. What can be done to help you recover from your sports injury and prevent further injuries in the future?

As you can see, there is a lot to do in Chicago, so don't let the ongoing pandemic distract you.

If you're looking for a new outlet for super competitiveness and want to get in shape but want to meet new people, Chicago has great sports clubs that complement its many gyms. Players have the opportunity to learn several sports, so if you're playing volleyball at North Ave Beach, learning to row the Chicago River in the summer, or finding a companion to jog or cycle with in the harsh winters, there's no reason not to be out there. They also regularly hold events to learn about the sport, such as cross-country skiing, kayaking and swimming.

Registration is open until March 18 and no forms or fees are accepted, but registration is open on the day of the event from 9 am to 5 pm.

The event is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the day of the event, with an additional registration fee of $10 per person for adults and $5 per child.

The Chicago Rowing Foundation, housed in the WMS Boathouse in Clark Park designed by renowned architect Jeanne Gang, has teams competing in regattas across the country. The Varsity Permit program is an opportunity for youth to build community and confidence while competent coaches teach them fitness and prep choices and important club etiquette. Chicago rowing coach Brett O'Neill visited Indiana University and plans to take his team to Hideaway Chicago. He is a member of the International Baccalaureate Program, which is his first year of college.

The Chicago Rowing Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, organizes regattas at the WMS Boathouse in Clark Park and on the Chicago River.

Exhibits of the many species of birds and other animals that inhabit Illinois, as well as the natural history of Chicago and the Chicago area.

The first North Park, Oak Ridge Park, was founded in 1868 when Lincoln Park dignitaries were given a pair of swans. Named after the present Abraham Lincoln, who was originally from Springfield, it was built in honor of Lincoln's first visit to the city in 1861. After owning and naming Oak Ridge Park after the Springfield City and Railroad Company in the 1870s, it was sold to a newly formed Springfield Pleasure Driveway Park District. In 1881 Lincoln Park changed its name to the final resting place of Lincoln by creating a new park on the site.

Victory Gardens now houses the Biograph Theatre on Lincoln Avenue, known as the site of the 1934 killing of John Dillinger. The site is just blocks from the Lincoln Memorial, which once drew crowds to Lincoln Park for the annual Lincoln Day Parade and other public events.

The surrounding streets and the park are accessible by car, and a network of paths and open space is used. An internal loop provides access to Lincoln Memorial, Lincoln Park, Victory Gardens and other areas of the park.

The Chicago Cycling Club is a great place to ride two wheels with friends, family, friends and acquaintances of all ages and abilities. There are a variety of cycling courses and physiotherapists to help you get back into the sport as quickly as possible.

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